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Document Request software designed to request and receive client documents faster, easier, and more secure than ever before. FileOnion is the game-changing software solution designed specifically to meet your document request needs.

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Say Goodbye to lost files and wasted time, and Hello to efficiency.

Busy professionals, we understand your need for a hassle-free, quick, and ultra-secure platform for sending and receiving documents.

How Does FileOnion Work?


Build with AI: Build a hassle-free, zero-confusion document checklist.


Send Request: Share crystal-clear document requests with your clients with the click of a button. The system will generate an automated request email to the designated sender.


Remind: Automatically remind clients of outstanding requirements without the hassle of painful emails, phone-calls, or in-person visits.


Receive: Clients can instantly share documents with your firm by uploading the requested itemized documents according to your instructions and requirements


Review & Approve/Reject: Manage incoming documents with a simple click of a button, and provide instant feedback if required.


Organization and Storage: Approved documents can be stored and organized into folders or categories within the platform’s Document Room, or downloaded onto your computer.


Reuse: Effortlessly save checklists, items, or entire requests as reusable templates.


Communicate: Engage in real-time discussions and answer questions with ease.


01: Build with AI

AI-Assisted Document Requests

Effortlessly save checklists, items, or entire requests as reusable templates.

The Future of Document Collection Is Here

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Gather documents

A simple, Secure Document Collection Portal

FileOnion revolutionizes your document collection process. Say goodbye to scattered information across various emails, obsolete client portals, or diverse online storages. Everything converges in FileOnion's singular, advanced document request hub.

Experience the convenience of having all your documents accessible from one comprehensive dashboard. Instantly view the status of all ongoing requests and effortlessly pinpoint clients who require a gentle reminder — all from one place.

Welcome to the future of organized, efficient, and secure document collection and management with FileOnion.

Dashboard optimized for efficiency

Everything You Need To Keep Track Of In One Place

Dive into a realm of unparalleled control and insight with FileOnion's efficiency-optimized dashboard. Crafted with your workflow in mind, our dashboard presents a dynamic array of features tailored for professionals who thrive on precision and speed.

  1. Recent Activity: Track client logins, new uploads, and comments in real-time, keeping your finger on the pulse of every project.
  2. Request Tracker: Monitor the status of each document request at a glance, helping you identify priorities and plan your next move effortlessly.
  3. Recent Clients: Access newly-added clients instantly for swift follow-ups and engagement, reinforcing responsive communication.

Experience heightened control and simplified workflows, all within FileOnion's sleek, intuitive interface. Efficiency, redefined.

Simplified client experience

Ridiculously Easy Onboarding

Ensuring timely receipt of your documents hinges on a hassle-free process for your clients. FileOnion's custom-branded document portal is meticulously designed and vetted to minimize complexity.

  1. Responses and file uploads are automatically secured, requiring no extra steps from your client.
  2. A sleek, distraction-free interface promotes clarity and focus.
  3. Clients enjoy barrier-free access with no mandatory login (though optional for added security).

Embrace simplicity and efficiency with FileOnion, where getting your documents on time is as straightforward for your clients as it is for you.

Automatic reminders

Let The Software Do The Chasing

Effortless Document Collection with Automated Reminders.

FileOnion streamlines your workflow by sending customizable, automated reminder emails or SMS to your clients, saving you time and hassle. Each reminder includes a link to their secure, personalized upload page, branded with your business's style. Every keystroke or file upload is auto-saved, allowing clients to pick up right where they left off with each subsequent reminder. Experience seamless document control, reinforced client engagement, and uninterrupted workflow, all through FileOnion's innovative approach.

Fewer emails

Reduce The Email Back-And-Forth

Should a client upload an incorrect file, simply reject the document, and your client will receive a prompt to revisit and rectify it. For any queries or necessary clarifications, utilize the integrated discussion system to attach comments directly to the specific file in question.

These streamlined procedures significantly reduce email clutter and further optimize your time savings.


Re-Use To Save Time

If you're gathering a consistent set of documents from all your clients, save your document request as a template.

Moving forward, repurpose that template for each new client, setting it up in under a minute.

Even better, streamline your document collection process through our efficient integrations, automating the workflow.

Automate your document collection

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